Eğitim Liderliği: Temel Zorluklar ve Etik Gerilimler

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  • Mustafa Feyyaz Çetin Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf Üniversitesi




The book "Educational Leadership: Key Challenges and Ethical Tensions," written by Patrick Duignan and published by Cambridge University Press in 2007, aims to provide a practical way for educational leaders to analyze the challenges they face and the ethical tensions they encounter, offering a new approach based on the development of leadership skills to help leaders enhance their ability to make ethical decisions.

Duignan provides practical methods for education leaders to understand ethical issues. Additionally, he emphasizes topics such as social justice, diversity, equality, and democracy, highlighting the importance of justice, equality, and collaboration-focused leadership. By emphasizing authentic leadership, he argues that leaders with strong moral values should create a work environment based on trust and open communication.

The author identifies key areas for research in educational leadership and discusses topics such as the impact of ethical leadership on student achievement and school culture. He also explores methods for promoting an ethical decision-making culture among personnel and stakeholders and suggests examining different methods to evaluate the effectiveness of leadership training programs.

However, he notes some drawbacks of the book, such as conceptual definition deficiencies, and suggests that readers should research fundamental concepts. The book focuses on case studies to facilitate self-reflection among educational leaders by comparing their own experiences. The book provides educational leaders with an opportunity for self-assessment in ethical decision-making.



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