Transported Education and Students’ Perspective on Transported Education

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  • Kenan Güler Ministry of National Education, Turkey



Carrying Education, Student, Problems


The students in education institutions whose population is less than or not suitable for education are called education institu-tions which must carry out the activities of education by carry-ing out the day of the Union in selected centers. Many years of combined class practice in Türkiye and still continue to sample these schools have led to various scientific studies.The results of the studies revealed some results related to the failure in these schools. Tekişik(1968) causes of failure, teachers ‘ inability to plan the lessons well,method-technique uncertainty, teacher candi-dates can not be trained to manage the combined classroom, in-spection system defects, the number of students, building, course and equipment shortage, environmental factors and student dis-continuity in the form of These problems in the schools where Unified Classroom practice is applied and the students who have no school, population in small and dispersed residential units of primary education to provide better quality education opportu-nities, in order to ensure equality of opportunity in education, to benefit from eight-year compulsory and uninterrupted primary education for each student in equal terms, elementary schools have been established with the move of the students to the pri-mary schools chosen as the center of primary education with the move of the Union on the day. Dispersed settlements due to the geographical structure of the country, intensive migration observed in some regions, on the one hand, while striving to improve the quality of education, on the other hand, the rea-sons such as reduction of education costs necessitated carrying out education in Turkey.Transportation education is thought to provide equal opportunities for students living in rural areas in terms of transportation and education to school. Although it has advantages, various problems arise in the education process.This study gives an overview of the process of transportation of the students who are studying at the Karaisali District Entertainment Martyrs Secondary School in the 2018-2019 academic will be processed.



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